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With organizing costs constantly rising we strive to still keep our event affordable for everyone. We’re proud to be offering the lowest pass prices in the North America Zouk scene!

This year we’re adopting a different system and we will only have 300 discounted passes total available to all the attendees.
To incentivize groups coming together from the same scene, we will be releasing discounted passes to group organizers first. The discounted passes will be sold through your custom links on a first come, first serve basis.

● Early Bird - $90 discount (50 passes total) - $159

●  Lot 1 - $80 discount (50 passes total) - $169

●  Lot 2 - $70 discount (50 passes total) - $179

●  Lot 3 - $60 discount (50 passes total) - $189

●  Lot 4 - $50 discount (50 passes total) - $199

●  Lot 5 - $40 discount (50 passes total) - $209

●  FULL PRICE - $250

The sooner your group members can buy their passes, the bigger the discount they get. Each organizer will receive one free pass if their group has more than 10 members and an additional free pass if their group has at least 25 members.

During this year’s Elevation weekend all the remaining passes for 2024 will be released to the public, so you’ll have about 8 days to form your group and have all the members purchase their passes.
Once the 300 discounted passes are sold out, the rest will be sold at full price.

Please contact us if you’d like to be a group organizer for this coming year and we’ll send you a custom link. All your group members would need to book their pass through this link.
Group pre-sale links will become active on November 22nd at 12PM EST.



To make it easier for people to buy in advance we’re introducing partial payments option this year. Dancers will be able to choose whether to buy their pass right away as usual, or to have the cost automatically split into 3 payments over 3 months.

What does the Discounted Weekend Pass include? Pass includes access to Friday-Sunday workshops and parties. Pre-parties, competitions, after-parties, and after-event activities (Hot Springs) are sold separately.

Transfers: Discounted tickets can be transferred at the holder’s discretion before the transfer cutoff date (November 10th). A transfer fee of $25 USD will apply for each transferred pass.

Refunds: All Elevation passes, including the discounted tickets, are not refundable and cannot be forwarded to next year.

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